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Quantum Technologies Global Pte Ltd, a premier provider of intelligent testing instruments for Quality Assurance, Measurement and control, backed by a team of expert engineers, combined with constant innovation, refinement & unwavering commitment to quality, QTG continuously bring together the best technical and intelligent quality testing instruments to the field of Industrial Science and Medical Diagnostics.

Our Industrial Science business offers a wide range of testing instruments and solutions, process instruments, measurement and control sensors for various industrial requirements. These include R&D laboratories, polymer and elastomers, building materials, electronics, automotive, aerospace sectors, food, environmental as well as research institutions.

Our Medical Diagnostics business provides a broad range of product for applications in Life Sciences and Biomedical Sciences as well as in Nuclear Science. Our product range for Life Sciences and Biomedical Sciences applications include reagents, test kits and laboratory equipment for healthcare, research, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage customers. In Nuclear Science applications, we provide Radiation Shielding and Monitoring solutions, Radioactive Check Sources, Radio-Synthesis and Radiopharmaceuticals solutions for healthcare, research, and industrial customers.

QTG also offers turnkey solutions that provide customers with product advisory and customization services prior to purchase, product installation, onsite product training, after-sales services and maintenance, offering support at every stage of the product life cycle to meet our customers’ needs.