Aerospace is testing requirement is getting higher and higher than ever, and test window are short and expensive. As material applications are becoming more complex, it is now challenging and more demanding to innovate such testing and achieve reliable testing results. Testing set-up must be fast and comprehensive to ensure the test results are captured accurately, supported by experienced solution providers to aid understanding.

Application Information – Nondestructive Large Area Testing using Shearography

The demand for greater product quality in composite industry has created a need for better and faster techniques for non-destructive testing. Because traditional NDT such as radiography are rather time consuming, there is a need for alternatives, more rational methods. Shearography is one of those……(Read more)

Product Information – Vibrophores

Aerospace fasteners are among the most critical components used in air-frame manufacturing. With Zwick’s new line of Vibrophore systems, proof testing of fasteners may be accomplished with the utmost accuracy and efficiency. Zwick Vibrophores apply the resonance principle to reduce the overall testing time – enabling high cycle fatigue tests in record time…… (Read more)

New Product Launch – BondHub Bond Tester

NDT Systems is pleased to announce the launch of the BondHub Imaging Bond Tester – the world’s first multimode (Pitch-Catch, MIA & Resonance) imaging bond tester with fully automatic C-scan imaging capability for composite inspection……(Read more)

Event – NIMT 2016

NIMT 2016 features the latest trends and solutions from the world of material testing and quality assurance. This year, we have invited experts from Austria & Germany to share their experiences in innovative material testing. Thank you for joining us at NIMT 2016! We appreciate your time and support in making this seminar a success. We hope you enjoyed the sessions. Event highlights and photos!


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