Flow Measurements in Scientific Applications

Dantec Dynamics has been a pioneer in the development and production of state of the art equipment for flow measurements in scientific applications for more than 60 years.

Dantec Dynamics’ main area of activity is development and sales of integrated measurement systems for diagnostics and research into fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, microfluidics, spray analysis and combustion technology.

Our systems are used to obtain measurement data of physical properties in air, gases, liquids and solid materials. Quantitative measurement data include velocity, turbulence, particle size, concentration, temperature, combustion species, strain/stress and vibration.

Measurement Solutions


Shearography is an optical, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technique that provides fast and accurate indications about internal material discontinuities in non-homogenous materials.

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Optical measurement solutions for strain, stress measurements and behaviour under load at various conditions, based on Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI).

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Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is a 3D, full-field, non-contact optical technique to measure contour, deformation, vibration and strain on almost any material.

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Scientists and industrial engineers use our systems for measurements in an ever-growing range of applications in many different fields including automotive, aerospace, wind engineering, hydrodynamics, combustion, process engineering, biomedical, micro technology, sprays and indoor climate.

The benefits derived from the application of our systems include better product quality and performance, reduced noise, less pollution, improved indoor climate and more efficient industrial processes. It all adds up to better life quality for people all over the world.

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Quantum Technologies Global Pte Ltd is the product representative of Dantec Dynamics in Singapore offers full optical measurement technique solutions to our valued customers from various segments ranging from academia, testing laboratories to industry sectors. For more details, please contact us at sales-sg@quantumsg.com | +65 6778 3655