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Proof of foodstuffs properties via human senses takes place via the sensorium (tasting foodstuffs) and the textural properties are identified by terms relating to the senses or taste such as soft, hard, sticky, crumbly, etc. which are qualitative and highly subjective. Instrumented tests emulate the sensory effect and provide quantitative result which allow standardization of foodstuffs properties and remove all elements of subjectivity from the testing.

On the other hand, packaging has a large influence on the quality of the contents as it encourages the purchasing decisions of the consumers. Both targets together are big challenges for product development, especially the packaging of foodstuff. An intelligent testing solution shows the condition of the packaged foodstuff and the local environment. Gas detectors detect when a certain gas concentration has been exceeded inside the package while hot tack tester determine the optimum heat sealing condition of packaging material.

Product Info – Automatic Tester for Hot Tack Strength

Hot Tack Tester is a highly sophisticated instrument for testing sealing properties of packaging material under broad range of testing conditions to optimize packaging production line and ensure consistent quality of the product……. Read more


Application Info – The back extrusion rig for rotation viscometers

The principle is based on the displacement of the test material through an annular gap between piston and back extrusion cell. With this, the viscosity can be determined directly in containers from the running production. This rules out prestressing of the material caused by transfilling and flow influences……Read more


Promotional Info – Demo Unit of Head Space Analyzer Selling at SGD 8,000

The Gaspace Advance Micro Oxygen (O2) Headspace Gas Analyzer is ideal for Fast accurate Modified Atmosphere Packaged (MAP) analysis for small volumes of headspace in gas flushed food and pharmaceutical products. Features include automatic calibration, diagnostics and control providing repeatable, accurate results and exceptional performance……Read more


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For Food and Packaging Testing (Viscosity, Texture Analysis, Friction, Flexural, etc.)


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