Airbag modules are tested in this chamber. The test specimen set-up comprises a steering wheel with integrated airbag module or a part of the dashboard with front-seat passenger airbag. The testing parameters are temperature and humidity.

Operation mode:

The test specimen set-up is mounted on a plate. The plate projects out of the test room and for this reason the door of the test room is cambered. The door of the test room is opened and closed pneumatically. Approx. 10 seconds is needed for opening and closing the door. A special mat is provided in front of the test chamber. As soon as the mat is stepped on to the door of the testchamber cannot be opened or closed.

Test sequence:

temperature condition test specimen (= test specimen setup), open door of test chamber, switch on external illumination and cameras, trigger airbag.

For operation, the test chamber is bolted to the floor. For transporting, the chamber is equipped with castors i.e. it can be centred over a lifting device.