Gas warning devices are calibrated in this test chamber.

Operation mode:

Temperature, pressure and humidity are the testing parameters. A parameter is changed for every test. The other two parameters remain unchanged. First of all, every test is performed in a pure synthetic air atmosphere and then in an atmosphere containing a defined quantity of fuel gas. The aim of the test is to discover the effect that a changed parameter has on the signal emitted by the test specimen. Signals and parameters are logged (timedependent), graphically output and stored on data carriers. In addition, any special operating conditions are displayed and logged e.g. exceeding of a threshold value. All system components that come into contact with the test room are made of stainless steel. Furthormore, silicone does not come into contact with the test room as emissions from this sealing material may destroy test specimens.

Control of the the test system is effected via PC. To achieve the special control requirements, the PC-Control Version 4.0 software has been adapted to a STANGE process controller.

Test sequence:

temperature condition test specimen (= test specimen setup), open door of test chamber, switch on external illumination and cameras, trigger airbag.

For operation, the test chamber is bolted to the floor. For transporting, the chamber is equipped with castors i.e. it can be centred over a lifting device.