Depending on its design, this specially-dimensioned test cabinet allows the performance of either temperature tests or of climate tests with ample working ranges. With a test space size of more than 2000 litres it is suitable for testing huge specimens.

Operation mode:

A large axial fan sucks the air out of the easy-to-clean test space made of stainless steel. In an air duct behind the rear test space wall, this circulating air then passes through the electrical heater (heating) and the fin-type heat exchanger (cooling). After passing the humidification bath (aerosol-free humidification/dehumidification) the circulating air re-enters the test space via special air baffle plates, ensuring optimum temperature and humidity constancies (in time). The air baffle plates guarantee homogenous spatial air and temperature distribution. The humidity is measured by a dry and wet bulb sensor. All measured values are acquired by the digital control system S!MCON/32*-NET and are controlled by the high resolution colour touch panel.