Driver airbag modules are tested in this chamber. The testing parameter is temperature. The triggering of the airbag sack and the effects of triggering on the steering column are researched.

Operation mode:

An aluminium plate is mounted on the inner side of the test room door. The test specimen set-up is mounted on this plate. The test specimen set-up comprises of the steering column, steering wheel and airbag. After the test specimen has been set-up, the total assembly is temperature conditioned i.e. heated or cooled. The temperature ranges from -70°C to +180°C. When the temperature conditioning process is completed, the door of the test room opens by 180°. The airbag is then triggered.

Whilst the test room door opens together with the test specimen set-up, the test room is kept closed by asecond door (isolation door). Thus,heat or cold air remains in the test room and air bag modules can be temperature conditioned for the next test.

The opening and closing of the test space doors is effected by way of gear motors and does take less than 10 seconds. The doors are held tight in the closed and opened position by electromagnets. The isolation door swivels by 270°.

The test chamber is equipped with a feature for preventing condensation on specimens.