This system is used for testing sensors that are used in meteorological observation and research. The parameters are pressure, temperature and dewpoint temperature.

Operation mode:

One particular criterion is the behaviour of the sensors at varying heights. The pressure in the test space can be dynamically altered within the range of 1100 to 1 mbar to simulate this behaviour. The same applies to temperature
and dewpoint temperature. A further parameter is radiation. The system is equipped with a radiation device which is located in front of the test space door. The rays are projected through a round observation window into the test space.
The test space is designed as a double-walled vacuum chamber. The temperature conditioning of the test space
is achieved indirectly by jacket temperature conditioning. The tempering medium used is Baysilon oil M3. The test system is equipped with a “Stange” program controller and operated via a PC. Our objective is to integrate our S!MPATI software in the control system.