This system serves the calibration of test devices for ascertaining exhaust emissions.

Operation mode:

The system comprises of three major assemblies: a test chamber, a flangemounted switch cabinet for the control elements and a separate switch cabinet for other electrical components.

The refrigerating unit and other components are integrated in the test chamber. The temperature and pressure prevailing in the test chamber can be controlled. The temperature is set via a heat exchanger. The heating medium is a heat transfer medium. The pressure can be set from 750 to 1050 mbar. Pressure constancy is ± 2 mbar. Thus, pressure fluctuations – such as those that could actually occur – can be simulated. Two valves are provided for setting the pressure. One valve is for rough pressure adjustment and the other for fine adjustment. A pressure change from atmospheric pressure to a pressure of 750 mbar is achieved within 20 minutes.

A tank containing water charged to a defined level is provided to compensate pressure differences i.e. difference
between pressure in the test chamber and ambient pressure. In cases of emergency, a safety valve opens so that pressure differences can be compensated.

Test sequence:

temperature condition test specimen (= test specimen setup), open door of test chamber, switch on external illumination and cameras, trigger airbag.

For operation, the test chamber is bolted to the floor. For transporting, the chamber is equipped with castors i.e. it can be centred over a lifting device.