Depending on its design, this specially-dimensioned test chamber allows the performance of only temperature tests or of temperature/climate tests with ample working ranges. In special applications, photo-voltaic modules or solar panels are subjected to temperature and humidity tests.


Due to its overall test space volume of 2500 litres and a test space floor that can bear the weight of a person the WK-2500 can be loaded with solar panels in their original size of a length of up to 1,8 m. Due to the vertical routing of the air through the homogenously distributed air on the test space floor (perforated floor) an even temperatureconditioning of the panels is achieved. The high-capacity steam humidification system ensures fast adjustment of the relative humidity after the freezing phase.

Standards established in the solar industry have considerably influenced the requirements to be met by such a chamber. Hence, test chamber WK-2500 can be designed such as to meet one or more of these


post41The test chamber is designed to fulfil the following specifications (acc. to EN 61215 and EN 61646, including specimen: 230 kg solar panels):

Storage rack for specimen