• Fast measurement of light hydrocarbons for oil & gas exploration


The PetroAlert Model 8900 combines the selectivity of gas chromatography with the sensitivity, broad dynamic range, and hydrocarbon selectivity of a flame ionization detector (FID) providing a 30 second analysis of C1-C5 hydrocarbons required in Mud Logging for Oil & Gas exploration, while maintaining C1-C2 separation at 200:1 concentration ratios.

The PetroAlert Model 8900 uses a dual column configuration with timed backflush to vent which is used to strip off moisture and C6+ hydrocarbons. A pre-cut column is used in series with the analytical column. At sample injection a fixed sample volume is carried to the pre-cut column. Backflush ofthe pre-cut column is timed from sample injection so that only C1-C5 hydrocarbons are eluted from the pre-cut column to the analytical column. C6+ hydrocarbons on the pre-cut column are then vented. C1-C5 hydrocarbons are separated on the analytical column and elute.


• Analysis of C1-C5 Hydrocarbons including Propylene for Gas Referencing
• Automatic baseline adjustment for long-term stability
• Automatic FID ignition
• Automatic calibration to a known standard
• Automatic Hydrogen & Combustion Air shutoff for maximum safety
• Electronic support gas regulation
• Analog output ranges are user selectable
• Options for multipoint sampling
• RS-232 and optional LAN


Analysis Time: <30 seconds
Detector: FID
Column: Packed
Oven Temperature: 75°C, Nominal
Lower Detection Limit: 10ppm as Methane
Range: 0 – 100% as Methane
Accuracy: ±5% (relative) within dynamic range
Precision: 2% of Measured Value
Drift: ±1% over 24 hours
Repeatability: <2% RSD
Operating Temperature: 0 – 40°C
Carrier: Hydrogen, 32cc/min typical
Fuel: Hydrogen, 8cc/min typical
Combustion Air: Air, 200cc/min typical
Analog: (1) 0-20ma or 4-20ma loop power supplied,
isolated. Selectable for: gas concentration, unintegrated detector signal. Options for up to 20 additional programmable 0-20ma, 4-20ma or voltage outputs: 0-1V, 0-5V, or 0-10V.
Digital: RS-232, optional Local Area Network
Relays: (5) User programmable relays for concentration and diagnostic alarms (1A @ 30Vdc). Options for up to 32 additional relays available.
Inputs: Optional digital input board for 3 contact closure inputs. Supports start analysis, start calibration, and analyze calibration gas sample.