• Measuring total sulfur content and Hydrogen Sulfide in beverage grade carbon dioxide


The BevAlert Model 8900 provides a total sulfur and Hydrogen Sulfide measurement for sulfur compounds in Carbon Dioxide. The total sulfur measurement includes organic sulfides, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbonyl Sulfide, and Hydrogen Sulfide.

The instrument is utilized by Specialty Gas Manufacturers and the Food and Beverage Industry to monitor sulfur compounds in CO2 used in carbonated beverages.

The sample entering the GC is split so one sample passes through a proprietary catalyst where sulfur containing compounds are reduced to Hydrogen Sulfide for the total sulfur measurement, at the same time the other sample is diverted around the catalyst for a Hydrogen Sulfide measurement. The BevAlert Model 8900 employs a photoionization detector (PID) for detection of the H2S in the reduced sample stream. A dual column configuration with timed backflush to vent is used to strip off moisture and heavier gases. At sample injection, a fixed volume of sample is carried through the pre-cut column. The backflush is timed so that the H2S elutes to the analytical column. Contaminants are then backflushed to vent. Hydrogen Sulfide is separated from potentially interfering components on the analytical column and elutes to the detector for analysis.