Hot Tack Tester

The Hot Tack Tester is a highly sophisticated instrument for testing sealing properties of packaging material. It is being used in research and development as well as in SQC/SPC applications for raw materials; semi finished goods and finished packaging products.

The Hot Tack Tester permits evaluation of sealability and hot tack under a broad range of testing conditions to optimize packaging machine settings and to ensure consistent quality of the product. The instrument is also a practicable and helpful tool to packaging material manufacturers and end-users for incoming material inspection and for obtaining optimal production line speed.

Hot Tack

post58Hot Tack is the strength of a heat-seal immediately after sealing, that is, before it has cooled down and reached its maximum strength. Conventional testing with a separate heat sealer and tensile tester seldom correlates with the strength of a hot seal as it is first exposed to stress on a packaging machine. The Hot Tack Tester has been designed for testing the heat seal strength under accurately controlled conditions.

Simulation of an automatic packaging machine

post59The Hot Tack Tester simulates heat sealing on an automatic packaging machine. It makes a hot seal and stresses it under pre-programmed conditions.

First the operator selects the desired parameter values in the Microsoft Windows® software by using the keyboard & mouse and inserts the sample (fig.1). The testing sequence is activated and the lower sample clamp is moved to its upper position.

The sample is automatically folded between the sealing bars with a special folding device (fig.2). The bars close (fig.3) and after the pre-set sealing time has elapsed, the sealing bars open and the heat seal is complete.

The selected cooling time elapses and the lower sample clamp moves down, peeling the seal (fig.4). During peeling, the force transducer attached to upper sample clamp measures the hot tack force. The signal from the transducer is transmitted to the computer to initiate data processing, displaying, reporting and storing of the testing data.