Milk is the base of the dairy industry, source of various food products like butter and cheese. Insoluble in water, fat forms an emulsion and appears in the form of a multitude of spheric droplets.

CILAS Particle Size Analyzer is perfectly appropriated to measure these fat drops scattered in milk.

Milk from farms is transformed and homogenized before sale.

The particle size analysis is an important factor during process to assure a standardized product at the end.

The analysis of the dairy emulsion

Cream is separated from milk in a centrifuge, then cream is mixed with milk again to reach different fat percentage rates (figure 1).

Homogenization at high pressure Homogenization is a key step in the commercial milk preparation by reducing the fat corpuscule size (< 1 μm) and achieving very thin and stable emulsions (figure 2 and 3).

The fat corpuscules size present in milk is important to define characteristics like flavour liberation, texture and emulsion stability.

One of the biggest dairy group uses in its R&D laboratory, a particle-size analyser CILAS 1064 L. It guarantees the process reliability, thanks to quick and accurate analysis.