For tests of the sealing joint of peelable packagings: Peeling of covers or sealing materials from dimensionally stable or inflexible packagings (Peel Test). For specimen diameters up to 100 mm, or up to 200 mm if the test area depth extension is used.


• Packagings of completely different shapes and heights can be tested: The vertically adjustable roller stop enables a quick adjustment to the different heights. In addition the clamping by the roller stop permits testing of any packaging shape.

• Even „on line“-tests from a running batch can immediately be tested. This is possible due to the simple and fast adaptability of the peel test kit to various packaging types.

• The packaging is tracked automatically by the sliding specimen table and the delaminated area is always exactly aligned with the test axis. That means the peeling angle of 90° is always guaranteed. This ensures a consistent and reproducible measurement of the load.

• The rigid clamp of the test kit minimises backlash, caused by stick-slip-effects while the container´s cover is being opened.

• Specimen table and casing are made of brushed stainless steel.

• The user friendly test software testXpert® II offers comprehensive evaluation and presentation of data as well as graphical evaluation and reporting.


Product Information

Peel test kit for peelable packagings


Software testXpert® II

For simple tests that determine only the initial opening force (Fmax) you only need the testXpert® II basic program, that is delivered for free in combination with a testing machine. We recommend the Master Test Program for tear growth tests for more setting options and flexibility. The master functionality offers additional results, e.g. different peak evaluations, as well as the possibility to create your own results and parameters. In addition comprehensive functions are available, as the export of data and the generation of test reports.