WEISS M.C.S.-Test Chambers are used for reproducible temperature and climate tests. Test and measuring equipment can be integrated inside the test chamber.

Independent of design and quality of the test objects highest temperature and humidity constancies are
reached due to powerful and uniform conditioning of the test space.

Due to the new modular construction of the WEISS M.C.S. chambers the production expenses for this high-quality product were considerably reduced.


post74An air flow which is temperature or air conditioned to achieve exactly the requested set values flows continuously through the test chamber. The air duct fitted to the chamber rear comprises all components required for air make-up. The chamber air is taken out of the test space by means of the recirculating air system, then it is passed via the fin-type heat exchanger where the chamber air is cooled down if necessary. An electrical heater installed in air flow direction behind the heat exchanger heats the recirculated air if required. For climate operation the chamber air is sterilely humidified by means of a steam humidifier. An additional dehumidification heat exchanger increases the dehumidification capacity and is furthermore used as specimen protection against condensation.

Modular construction:

The total test system consists of the following componentries: cell, machine unit incl. switch cabinet with integrated S!MCON/32*-NET control system with colour touch panel


Standard design:

  • door (H1900xW900mm), incl. observation window
  • lighting equipment (IP65), stainless steel floor
  • 2 access ports in the side walls (50 and 125 mm)
  •  control system S!MCON/32*-NET, incl. colour touch panel
  • specimen protection, water-cooled refrigeration unit
  • Climate chamber contains additionally
  • steam generation system
  • capacitive humidity measuring system, condensation
  • protection


  • air-cooled condenser
  • software package S!MPATI*, LAN/Ethernet connection
  • demineralisation system
  • additional access port and temperature sensors
  • emergency call device, operating hour meter
  • extended door, additional observation window
  • datalogger

Further options upon request