Salt mist and condensed water tests with controlled humidity and drying/ventilation, combined tests and alternating tests are possible.

Operation mode:

For climate tests or drying, air-conditioned or heated ambient air is supplied into the test space via the airconditioning unit (incl. refrigeration unit with air-cooled condenser), which is located at the rear. A psychrometric measuring system (dry and wet bulb) with forced wetted wet bulb sensor is installed for measurement and control of humidity.

Basic version:

  • Test space made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic
  • High-precision atomising nozzle
  •  Operating unit: colour touch panel
  •  Compressed air control unit, ventilation unit
  •  Heated compressed air humidifier
  • Brine flow meter and dosage device
  • Floor shelf and specimen holder
  •  Automatic water supply, 180 l brine-reservoir
  •  Test space drain with diaphragm valve


Nissan NES M0158 + M0007    PVW 1210
CCT I, II, IV                                 Volvo STD 1027, 1375*
Volvo STD 1027, 14*                  GM 9540 P
Toyota TSH 1555 G                   JASO M610-92
SAE J 2334                                 KWT-DC (without Frosten)
Bosch N42AP 108                      IEC 68-2-52
Renault D 172028/_ _B; ECC1*

* additional options needed