This chamber is assigned to test corrosion behaviour as per DIN 50 021 and DIN 50017.

Operation mode:

Thereby, test specimens are exposed to salt spray or condensed water.

The system comprises of three major assemblies: test chamber, brine solution storage tank and switch cabinet.

A brine solution is sprayed into the test space through nozzles. Depending upon requirements, one, two or more nozzles can be provided. The throughput of one nozzle is approximately 12 litres per day. The brine solution storage tank can hold 600 or 1000 litres. Thus, long term tests lasting for several days are feasible.

Tests performed under these conditions provide valuable knowledge of the corrosion behaviour of materials. Furthermore, information is gained on how such conditions influence the functioning of products.

Application example: A user tests office furniture (e.g. special metal cabinets) in the system illustrated.
Weak points could be, for example, panels and welded seams. The results of the tests reveal that the user must improve manufacturing methods.