Range of application

For determining static and dynamic friction coefficients to ISO 8295, ASTM D 1894, ASTM D 2534 and TAPPI T549. To measure the friction behavior between two films a film sheet is laid over the glass plate of the table and fastened in place. A second film sheet is fastened round the sled. During the test the force required to pull the sled is measured.


post90• test is performed with the materials testing machine into which this device is installed
• testing machine can be used for several types of test, e.g. tensile, tear-growth or puncture tests
• one film fastened to the sled, one film clamped to the glass plate
• film fastened to the sled by clamping (for 316251)or by an adhesive coating on the sled (for 319395)
• glass-plate gripping-system enables rapid clamping of the film
• interchangeable polished-glass table
• various sleds available
• usual applications are in the 10 mN to 50 N force range

Product Information

Device for testing the frictional behaviour of plastic foils