Nearly all the above mentioned characteristics are affected by the water content. Upon injection moulding, the pellets used for the production of polyamides are extremely dry. The moisture content of the material increases due to the warm and damp climate prevailing inside the Polyamide Conditioning Chamber, hence the optimum of characteristics is achieved.


Polyamide Conditioning Chambers allow reproducible conditioning of components. Different sizes and numbers of parts can be conditioned due to the wide application range.

Operation mode:

Upon production, the water content of polyamide parts is lower than 0,3 percent by weight. Hence, these parts are very brittle and weak against notch impact. In order to fulfil the quality standards for polyamide parts a defined water content is required, which is between 2 and 3 percent by weight, depending on the application. Polyamide chambers are designed to increase the moisture content. With a warm and humid climate of +40°C and 92% RH (as per DIN 50015) the required water content of polyamide can be achieved within a few hours. The characteristics of humidified polyamides are hardly affected by seasonal climatic variations, dryness or low temperatures.

Conditioning cycle

(guideline value, measured in the air)

The system is designed for the following conditioning cycle:
Heating time RT to +80 °C  approx. 1 h
Dwell time: depending on material and wall thickness
Humidification to 95 % RH upon heating phase  appr. 1,5 h
Conditioning cycle: Duration depends on the specimen
Cooling time +80 to +40 °C  approx. 1,5 h