Our Life Sciences products facilitate researchers in scientific research and new product development.

Our Biomedical products provide screening and diagnostic solutions for healthcare community which help in identifying diseases and saving more lives.

We are specializing in the following areas:

  • Screening and Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases
  • Diagnosis of Cancer
  • Blood Banking Equipment
  • Cytogenetic Culture Media and Equipment
  • Bone Health and Complement Research Reagents and Kits
  • Diabetes and Obesity Research kits
  • General Laboratory Equipment

List of Products:

Infectious Disease
life1Rapid test kit and Instruments
Immunofluorescence Assay
Nucleic Acid Amplification kit and Instruments
DNA/RNA Extraction Kit and Instruments

Blood Banking
life2Plasma Thawing Device
Plasma Freezer
Platelets Agitator and Incubator

Cancer Diagnostics/Genetic Testing

life3 Real Time PCR Kit
DNA Enrichment Kit
In-situ hybridization


qt41Medium and Kit for Prenatal Cytogenetic Analysis
Medium and Kit for Postnatal Cytogenetic Analysis
Equipment for Chromosome Preparation


life4Rapid test kit and Point of Care Instrument

Reagents and Kits

life5 Antibodies
Elisa Kits

General Laboratory Equipment

life6CO2 Incubator
Biological Safety Cabinet
Laminar Flow Cabinet
Chemical Hood