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In a global composites market that grows at 6% per annum, Asia already counts for nearly 50% of the world production in volume. This reflects the major place that holds the region in the worldwide market and the growing interest in composites markets.

The use of composites in nearly all industry sectors is growing as a result of the excellent strength to weight ratio. Modern aerospace, energy and construction structures are heavily reliant on composite materials, but by their very nature, their inhomogeneity and their large variation of material types makes them a challenge for validation, inspection and testing.

Application Information – Nondestructive Large Area Testing using Shearography

The demand for greater product quality in composite industry has created a need for better and faster techniques for nondestructive testing. Because traditional NDT such as radiography are rather time consuming, there is a need for alternatives, more rational methods. Shearography is one of those……Read more


Application Information – Development and Processing of Novel Active Fibre Composites

The electromechanical behavior of Active Fibre Composites (AFC) piezoelectric actuator was investigated with Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI) to measure the strain and the elongation locally on every point of the AFC without application of gauges which interfere with the actuators deformation……Read more


Composite Articles – Fire Resistant Composite Materials

High-Performance Composite Materials are an established technology for producing lightweight structures. However, current fiber-reinforced polymer composites are typically compromised with respect to fire performance. The aim of European FIRE-RESIST Project is to develop composite materials that are either fire resistant or provide the maximum protection with a minimum weight penalty……Read more


New Product Launch – BondHub Bond Tester

NDT Systems is pleased to announce the launch of the BondHub Imaging Bond Tester – the world’s first multimode (Pitch-Catch, MIA & Resonance) imaging bond tester with fully automatic C-scan imaging capability for composite inspection……Read more


Event – Visit us at JEC ASIA 2015

Visit us (NDT Systems and Dantec) at JEC Asia – Composites Show & Conferences (20 – 22 Oct 2015) to discover the latest composites testing solutions.


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